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To improve our users' ability to manage their passwords, we now have provided Hillsborough Community College NetID users the ability to reset their password with Microsoft’s Office 365 service (O365). To use this feature, you will be required to have an alternative contact method when registering your NetID with O365 Self Service Password Reset.

You will be required to provide alternate contact methods in case you have difficulties in resetting your password.  These alternate contact details will allow the system to verify you.


Contact Telephone

This can be any telephone number where you can receive SMS (text) messages or a voice call for verification.  A mobile device is recommended.

Contact Email

This can be any personal email that you have access to that a verification email can be sent to.  This CAN NOT be your employee or student email address ( OR


NetID Registration


To set up your NetID to be able to manage your password in Office365, you will need to register your account.  To begin, open a browser and go to the following URL



From here you will need to log in using your NetID email address.  Click on Next to continue



You will be redirected to the HCC login page to complete the login process.  Enter your NetID email address and password.  Click on Sign In to continue.



After successfully logging into Office365, you will be presented with the page to begin setting up your account.  To continue, you will need to set up your:

  • Contact phone number for verification
  • Contact email address for verification
  • Security Questions and Answers

Click on each option to set up your account



To set up your telephone, enter the Country code and the 10-digit telephone number (including area code).  Click on either Text Me or Call Me.

  • If you selected Text Me, the system will send you an SMS message with a verification code.  Enter that code and continue.
  • If you selected Call me, the system will call you and the number provided.  Follow the prompts and continue.




To set up your verification email address, enter an alternate email address to be used for verification.  Do NOT use your employee or student email address ( OR

Click on Email me. Check your alternate email for the verification number that you will need to enter on this page. Once you have verified the email method you will be redirected back to the options screen.



You have the option of setting up your secret questions and answer profile.  Answering these questions will allow you to access and reset your password if you do not have access to your alternate phone or alternate email.  It is not required but HIGHLY recommended that you set up your profile.


Once you have completed, click on Finish and close the browser window.


Using the Office 365 Password Reset utility


At the Office365 login page – click on Can’t access your account?

At the failed login page – click on Forgot your password?


From the Get back into your account page, enter your NetID email address ( OR and the letters from the security image.  If the letters are too difficult to read, you can either hear an audio of the letters or refresh the image with new letters.


Click on Next to continue



You will need to verify your account information.  Select one of the options to use to verify your account.  The system will send you a verification number that you need to enter on the next screen.





Enter the verification code that was sent to you via TEXT, EMAIL, or PHONE.


After successfully verifying your information, you can create a new password.



Enter a new password for your NetID account.  The password must meet the minimum criteria.



Once you have completed, click on Finish and close the browser window.



If you have not previously registered your alternate contact info, you will get the following notice:

Microsoft Azure Password Reset registration screen5

Click on the Contact an administrator link and you will be redirected to an online form, You will need to fill out and submit the form to get your Office 365 password reset. 

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