What is the NetID

This document explains what a NetID is and how it is used.

NetID - What is a NetID?

Your NetID is your username and password combination which allows access to HCC's resources and services.  The NetID username is not case sensitive when used as a login credential. Your NetID username is generated from College records and typically includes some combination of your first and last names and possibly a number to make it unique.  Your NetID username is not the same as your HCC ID number.

Your NetID is used to create your NetID email address.

If you are a(n)... and your NetID is... then your NetID email address is.
Student jdoe jdoe@hawkmail.hccfl.edu
Employee ssmith38 ssmith38@hccfl.edu

What if I've forgotten my NetID?
If you are unsure of your NetID, you can obtain it via the Find my NetID page.

Using your NetID for the first time
Your default password is based on information that you should already know.  Your default  password is the uppercase first letter of your FIRST NAME, the lower case first letter of your LAST NAME, plus your seven digit student number or employee number. Examples are listed below.

First Name Last Name EmployeeID/StudentID Default Password
John Doe 1234567 Jd1234567
Sally Smith-Jones 2345678 Ss234567

New students, faculty, and staff are strongly encouraged to visit the NetID Password Management site to reset their password and set their secret questions.  This will allow you to manage your Network Identity without needing to contact the Help Desk . Please register with our new password management portal and change your password there.

Services that use your NetID
Your NetID is used to access services and resources at HCC.These services includes computers, Office 365, Canvas , WebAdvisor, Wireless, Printing, etc.  and depending on the server, your will need to login using either your NetID or NetID email address.

Services that use only NetID Services that use your NetID Email Address
WebAdvisor Canvas

Eligibility for NetID
Your NetID will remain active for the entirety of your time at HCC.  For students, it may also remain active after leaving HCC, but this depends on your affiliation. For more information about NetID eligibility, please see NetID - Eligibility Policy
Name changes and your NetID
If your name changes, you may wish to change your NetID to reflect this. This change will also affect your NetID email address.  You can request a name change under the following conditions:

  1. Your name must be legally changed. The IT department will not change account names or any other reason.
  2. If you are a student, the Registrar must already have updated your name in the Student Information System.  If you are an employee you will need to contact HR to have request paperwork to change your information.
  3. You will need to obtain a new HawkCard from Campus Card Services reflecting your new name.

Changing your NetID Password
If you do not know your NetID password and you have set your password recovery questions,  you can reset your NetID password by visiting the NetID Password site.  If you are unable to reset your password using this method, you will need to contact the Help Desk at 877-736-2575 to have your password reset.


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