Using the Toshiba Copier


The College maintains copiers and printers throughout the organization.  Using the HawkPrint solution powered by PaperCut, users can print to any available device on the network.  The Print Deploy application is used to search for HawkPrint devices and install the drivers. 


Logging into the copier

Toshiba copiers have three ways that a user can log onto and use the device.  Users can log in using the following:

  • An HCC-issued ID Card (Easiest to use)

    Attached to the device is a card reader that can read the stripe on the back of the card.  After swiping the card in the reader, the reader will beep, indicating a successful login.   Using your ID is the most convenient method of accessing PaperCut and is the recommended method. 


  • The HCC ID Number and PIN

    You can access PaperCut using your HCC ID Number and PIN if you do not have your ID card.  The default PIN code is the month and year of your Date of Birth ( for example,  MMYYYY).  Enter the requested information and click on Login.

    NOTE: You will need to add the zeros to the beginning of your HCC ID Number if it is less than seven digits (e.g., 1234 becomes 0001234)

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Main Functions

Once you have logged onto the Toshiba copier, you are presented with the Main PaperCut screen.  From this screen, you can access all of the functions offered.  The following is an overview of the main panel.  From this panel, you can access available functions of the PaperCut application.

On the right side of the panel are various hardware buttons.  The following is a listing of the buttons and their function.

Logout button

Use this button to log out of the PaperCut application 

PaperCut button

Use this button to access return back to the PaperCut application from the Copier Menu.

Start button

Use this button when you are ready to start the copy process.

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Releasing HawkPrint Jobs

With the PaperCut solution, users can print from the Main Functions screen.  This is done using the Print Release button. 


This function allows the user to submit a print job to the HawkPrint queue and release the job on any available copier at any campus.  Users only have access to print jobs submitted by them, and They can not access the print jobs for other users.  This feature provides a level of security such that printed documents are only available to the user who submitted them.  Select the document(s) you want to print or delete from the list and press the corresponding function.


Once the print job has been released, it will be removed from the queue.

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Making Copies

The PaperCut solution allows users to make copies from the Main Functions screen.  This can be done using the Access Device button.


Pressing the Access Device button on the device panel will display the copy function screen.  You can set various options for completing a copy job from this screen.

  1. Change the scaling of the copy to enlarge or reduce the document to fit on a page.,
  2. Select from various finishing options (Sorting or Stapling)
  3. Select Duplex or Simplex options (1-sided vs. 2-sided)
  4. Start button

Once you have selected the appropriate options, press the Start button.

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Scanning to Email

  1. The PaperCut solution allows users to make Scan Documents and transmit them to the user's email box from the Main Functions screen.  This can be done using the Scan button.

  2. To send the scanned document to your email, select Scan to Email.

  3. Select the desired scan options from the Scan to Email screen by clicking the Change Settings button.  Press the Start button to send the email.


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Sending a Fax

  1. The PaperCut solution allows users to send a fax from the Main Functions screen.  This can be done using the Scan button.


  2. To send the scanned document to your email, select Scan to Fax.

  3. To add a fax recipient, press the  button at the bottom left of the screen.

  4. Enter the relevant information for the recipient.  The Fax Number field is required.  Press the Add Recipient button when done.

  5. Add all of the intended fax recipients.  Once the recipient list has been populated, click the Start button to send the fax.

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