Mapping Drives over VPN [Apple macOS]


There is limited access provided to file shares over a VPN connection.  To connect to a file share remotely over a VPN connection on an Apple macOS computer, use the following steps.


INFO: The steps outlined below reflect the Windows 10 operating system.
  1. Click anywhere on the Desktop to reveal the Finder menu.

  2. Click on the Go menu option in the on the Finder menu and select Connect to Server...

  3. In the Connect to Server screen, enter the folder path from the table below.  Click Connect to connect to that network share.

    Drive Folder Location
    S: smb://
    T: smb://
    V: smb://
    NOTE: You should have received information about the Folder Location for your Personal Folder (U:).  If you do not have that information, please create a Support Request ticket 
  4. You will be prompted to provide a Username and password to connect to the drive. Connect as a Registered User and remove the currently displayed Username.  Enter your NetID email address ( and your NetID password.  Click on Connect to map the drive.


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