Mapping Drives over VPN [Microsoft Windows]


There is limited access provided to file shares over VPN.  To connect to a file share remotely over VPN on a Microsoft Windows computer, follow the following steps.


  1. Press + E to open Windows Explorer.

  2. Click on the Computer tab in the windows click on Map network drive button and select  Map network drive from the drop down menu.

  3. In the Map Network Drive screen, select the Drive, enter the folder location, and select the Connect using different credentials check box.  Use the information in the table below to map various drives. Click on Finish to Map the drive.

    Drive Folder Location
    S: \\\shared
    T: \\\depts
    V: \\\depts2
  4. In the Windows Security window, type in your email address and you NetID password and Click OK for finish the drive mapping.

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