What is HawkPrint


HawkPRINT is HCC’s printing solution available to HCC Users (Employees and Students alike).  This system provides the capabilities to users that give them flexibility in HOW and WHERE they print.

NOTE: To access HawkPRINT, you must be on campus or connected to the HCC Network.
What will I need to use HawkPrint?

Using your ID Card, you can access your print jobs on a HawkPrint device.  Simply swipe the card in the reader, and you will be logged in!  If you do not have your card, don’t worry!  You can log on using your ID Number and PIN.  You can also always use your Email address and password if you do not have your ID card or know your ID number and PIN.  But keep in mind that using your Card or ID number is easier than using your email address and password.

If you need to change your PIN, you can log in to the HawkPrint site (https://hawkprint.hccfl.edu) to change your PIN.


Accessing the Copier using your ID Card

Attached on the right side of the copiers is a card reader that can read the stripe on the back of the card.  After swiping the card in the reader, the reader will beep, indicating a successful login.   Using your ID card is the most convenient method of accessing PaperCut and is recommended. 

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Accessing the Copier with ID Number and PIN

You can access PaperCut using your HCC ID Number and PIN if you do not have your ID card.  The default PIN code is the month and year of your Date of Birth ( for example,  MMYYYY).  Enter the requested information and click on Log in.

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Accessing the Copier with your Email Address and Password

Alternatively, you can access PaperCut using your Email address and password.   Once you enter your login information, click on Login to access the PaperCut screen.


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