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The VPN services provided by the Office of Information Technology allows approved users to be able to remotely access internal institutional resources remotely.  For the full list of services supported through VPN, see the list below.  The VPN client is compatible with the latest versions of Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OSX.

Available To: Approved Staff and Faculty

  • Please note that VPN access is not automatically provided to users.
  • The use of the VPN service is provided based on the ongoing need to remotely access resources listed in the table below.
  • All requests are routed to the resquesters immediate supervisor for verifcation that there is a business need for providing this service.
  • Upon verification by the supervisor, it is then authorized by the Office of Information Technology.

What does it do?

  • Provides a solution for users to work remotely from off campus and connect to integrated services that are normally only available on campus.
  • Provides the ability to work through the various port blocks and firewalls that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and administrators have built that often interrupt mission critical work from being accomplished remotely.
  • Provides access to shared network files and folders to continue collaboration from off-site on HCC provided laptops only. (Note: Installation on NON-HCC devices require approval from OIT)
  • VPN provides a secure connection to the HCC network but is not what some people call "Remote Desktop" and does not allow users to remotely access another computer.

What systems require VPN for usage off campus?

The list below indicates services you can access off campus without VPN and those which require VPN. If the system or service you are looking for isn't listed, please contact the IT Helpdesk for more information:

Outlook and Web Mail Ellucian Colleague UI*
WebAdvisor Ellucian Recruiter*
OneDrive Image Now
SharePoint Network Drives

*Usage may also require HCC provided computer and/or associated software installation


To utilize the VPN client, you must set the Microsoft Authenticator application (push notification method, not SMS) as the default authentication method on your account.

Please note that this is the only supported method for accessing VPN.

Please refer to the following documentation, which provides detailed instructions on how to install and configure the application as your default authentication method:

- Managing MFA Settings (https://hccfl.teamdynamix.com/TDClient/1836/Portal/KB/ArticleDet?ID=133341)

Request VPN Access

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