Workday Launch Support

Get Workday Support: Follow These Steps

Workday for HR, Payroll, and Finance officially launched on January 3. Follow the steps below to get support with Workday.

Step 1: View Training Videos and Job Aids on Your Topic

Before asking for help, view training videos and job aids on your specific topic.


Step 2: Check the Workday FAQ for the Answer

If you still need help, take a look at the Workday FAQ. The FAQ offers answers to common questions about the project and Workday.


Step 3: Get Help from Change Champions

Contact your Change Champion for guidance if you don't find the answer in the training or the FAQ. They are available on each campus to help with basic Workday questions. 


Step 4: Submit a Workday Support Ticket

Employees are encouraged to submit a ticket if they can't find the answers they need after trying the above steps. Click the blue Request Workday Support button below to create your ticket. The right HR, Payroll, Finance, Purchasing, or OIT team will review your ticket. Look for emails or calls from these departments to assist with your Workday questions or errors.


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