The mission of HCC’s Office of Information Technology is to aid in the success of our students by providing streamlined customer service orientedtechnology solutions. These solutions will aid in improving the overall student experience; thereby, empowering our users and leveraging technology to enhance the productivity of the College. To this end we commit:

  • To provide service of outstanding quality to our customers as measured by their standards.
  • To provide services that assist in and complement academic programs.
  • To stay current with technology in order to play a productive role in the provision of new products and services.
  • To assist the College with the achievement of operational efficiency through effective use of technology.
  • To actively contribute to the well being of the community that we serve

The Office of Information Technology is headed by Vice-President Dayaghan Pendharkar, and consists of Administrative Systems, Network & Telecommunications and Instructional Technology.

What is HCC's Support Site?

HCC's Suport Site is designed to deliver and manage the way HCC provides service to users.  Our goal is to ensure the right people and processes are in place so that HCC can provide the highest quality support and services to meet your needs.  The following are some examples of the functionality that is offered with our Support Site

  • Support Hub  - Provides a single place to access the Service Catalog, Knowledge Base, and Incident Management system for convenient access from any device.
  • Service Catalog - List of services that HCC provides to Faculty & Staff in one easy to use location.  A service request can be conveniently submitted directly from the Service Catalog and automatically routed to the appropriate resource.
  • Knowledge Base - Gives the ability for Faculty & Staff to self-serve by making HCCs collective knowledge available in one organized spot.
  • Incident Management - Allows us to log, classify, assign, escalate, and report on incidents, delivering a higher level of customer service.

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