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Articles covers common issues related to the use of Cisco Jabber softphone.



On occasion, the employees may encounter issues when using the Cisco Virtual Phone (Jabber) software. Below are issues that have been reported to the Office of Information Technology along with possible solutions. If none of the solutions listed resolve your issue, please submit a ticket using the button below.

Request IT Support

What is the minimum version of the Operating Systems Supported

Operating System Minimum Supported Version
Microsoft Windows Windows 8.1, but Windows 10 is recommended.
Apple macOS macOS 10.14 (Mojave) or later is recommended.
Apple iOS Apple iOS 13.x or later.
Android Android 7.0 (Nougat) or later is recommended.

Common Issues:

Residential Internet Service Provider Performance Issues

With more people than ever working from and keeping the family home to help stem the propagation of COVID-19, residential Internet service providers are being overloaded.  If your Internet connection feels slow, one possible reason is that your Internet connection can’t hold up to your whole family getting online at the same time. It might also be because of outdated home routers and modems.  If you are using wireless in your home, it may be interference or low signal strength.  Past your home, residential service providers tend to have entire neighborhoods share a single link back to the carrier router.  This can also be overloaded.

Symptoms of home and residential performance issues:

  • “Cannot Connect to Server” errors.
  • One-way Audio
  • Choppy Audio
  • Call Drops
  • A Ring, then a busy signal

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Cisco Jabber not starting automatically

If the Cisco Virtual Phone is not running, you may not receive phone calls.  To configure the Cisco Virtual Phone to start automatically, do the following:

  1. Launch the Cisco Jabber application

  2. Once you have signed into Jabber, open "My profile and settings" (The icon with your first Initial in the upper left corner of the screen). Alternatively, you can click on the gear icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

  3. Click on "Settings".

  4. Under the default General tab, you will see Startup at the top. Click the box for Start Cisco Jabber when my computer starts and it will insert a check-mark, showing it is selected. Click OK to save the setting.​​

  5. Jabber will now launch as soon as your computer is signed in.

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Login Issues

Jabber users your NetID/Active Directory account.  Make sure you are entering your full NetID (  Another possible cause of login failures is that your password has expired.  visit to reset your password and try again.  In rare instances we have noticed rebooting your computer has helped in this situation as well.

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Access to Jabber Clients

To use Jabber, you will need to submit a ticket requesting it, along with the specific version(s) you need. Until this is completed, and you have received a confirmation email back with the specific details related to the version(s) you requested, you will not have a functioning Jabber account for your HCC phone number. Attempting to install the client without a valid license built for you will result in the installation failing at sign-in.

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Login Issues

Jabber users your NetID/Active Directory account.  Make sure you are entering your full NetID (  Another possible cause of login failures is that your password has expired.  visit to reset your password and try again.  In rare instances we have noticed rebooting your computer has helped in this situation as well.

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Call-ID Issues:

Your Jabber account matches your desk phone’s Caller ID since it is the same. However, if you are experiencing issues where callers are stating they see something else, please verify if they have your contact information saved to their contacts as something else. A caller’s contact settings will affect what they see on their phone. For example, if a relative has your work number saved in their contacts under “Aunt Jane”, they will see that instead.

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Not receiving any voicemails (including email notifications):

Please verify if your number is call forwarding. If you have call forwarding enabled, it will bypass your HCC voicemail and go to the forwarded numbers instead.

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Known Jabber issues caused by VPN

If your VPN connection drops, your Jabber calls will be affected.  Jabber will reconnect to its servers but a drop of your VPN connection is viewed as a temporary network outage and all connections are dropped. 

  • HCC_VPN – Jabber works with all services
  • HCC_VPN_Internal – Jabber will not work. 

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Unable to make outbound calls or forward calls

Cisco Jabber works the same as your desk phone at work.

  • To make an internal call, simply dial the four-digit extension.
  • To make a local call in the 813 area code, you must dial 9 first and then the 7-digit telephone number.
  • To make a call to any number outside of the 813 area code, dial 91 and the 10-digit telephone number.

Also, when entering the phone number for call forwarding, enter the number as a long-distance number as 91[10-digit number].  For example, 918135551212.
Please do not perform a test call from the number you are call forwarding to.  It will not work.

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Accessing the Self-Care Portal

You must be connected to HCC_VPN to access the self-care portal

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Voicemail Service is not connecting

This happens when you do not accept ALL of the certificates during the setup process.  To fix this problem, try the following

  1. Sign out
  2. Reset Jabber (below the sign-in)
  3. Uninstall/Delete the Jabber application
  4. Reinstall Jabber from the Play Store
  5. Sign in and accept ALL the certificates. 

If it still does not connect, you have two options to check voicemail

  1. If the voicemail is associated with you (not a departmental phone) then you can still get your voicemail in your email inbox as you do at the office.
  2. Dial into the voicemail system by dialing 7777 from within Jabber or 253-7777 from your cell/home phone.  You will be asked for your extension and your PIN. 

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Phone Service is not connecting

This happens when a user does not type in the user name exactly as it is in the Cisco Call Manager.  To fix this issue:

  1. Sign out of Jabber
  2. Reset Jabber (below the sign-in)
  3. Sign in using your NetID and Password in all lower case.  If OIT has provided you different credentials, enter them exactly as they appear in the email. 

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No audio or called party cannot hear you.

Change or verify your audio setup in Jabber. 

  1. Click the gear icon in the upper right of your screen
  2. Click Settings
  3. Click Audio
  4. In the drop-down menu, select your speaker and microphone

Verify that you have not muted your microphone or speakers.
Other causes can be network performance issues on your home network. 

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