Managing your Greeting in Unity Voicemail


This Knowledge Base article will provide guidance on modifying your Voicemail greetings.



To assist with the setup of an Internal and/or Alternate Greeting for you voice mail while working remotely. The difference of the Internal and Alternate Greetings are to provide different recorded messages to calls received from Internal (from within the college phone system, 4 digit dialing) and Alternate (external calls from outside the college).


  1. To access the voicemail system from remote, dial 813-253-7777.
  2. Unity will prompt you to "Enter your your ID followed by Pound(#)". Using the telephone keypad, type in your four-digit extension followed by #.
  3. Unity will prompt you to "Enter your PIN followed by pound (#)". Using the telephone keypad, type in your VM PIN number followed by #.
  4. Press * to access the "Main Menu".
  5. Press 4 to access “Setup Options”.
  6. Press 1 to "Change Your Greetings".
  7. The Unity VM system will play your current greeting.  If you are satisfied with your current greeting, you can simply hang up.  If you would like to modify your current greeting, press 1. Your current greeting is also known as your Internal greeting.
  8. You can activate your Alternate greeting, by pressing 2. You can then set an end date by pressing 1, or to leave it on indefinitely, by pressing #. You can always disable this greeting when you no longer need it.
  9. To record this new Alternate greeting, press 1. Record your new greeting and when finished press the pound # key. You can hear your newly recorded greeting to confirm by pressing 4 and all greetings will be played. If you are satisfied you can then hang up.



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