Installing the VPN Client [OSX]

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This article will provide guidance on how to setup and install the Fortinet VPN software onto your institutional device. This article is for the Apple OSX operating system.  To connect to the College's network remotely, please understand that by doing so you are agreeing to the College's Acceptable Use Policy.


  1. Open a Web Browser (Safari, FireFox, Chrome) and navigate to HCC FortiClient Installers.

  2. Once on the page is displayed, your browser will display a site with two folders and three files.  Select the file that is appropriate for your Operating System

  3. Once you’ve selected the appropriate install, you should see the file downloading in the lower left-hand corner of your screen. The location of this visual may change based on what browser you’ve chosen to download the client.

  4. Once the download has completed, Double click on the file in your downloads to launch the installer. 

  5. You will then be prompted to download the VPN client from the site.  An installed called FortiClient_6.2.6.dmg will download to your system. Open your downloads folder and Dbl-Click the file to open the installer.  Once the installer launches, click Install.

  7. The Install Forticlient window will appear. Click Continue.

  8.  Click Continue to progress through the Software License Agreement screen.

  9. A notification will appear stating that you must agree to the terms of the Software Licensing Agreement. Click Agree to continue.

  10. At the prompt stating how much disk space is required to complete the installation on your computer.  Click on Install to continue the installation.

  11. You will be prompted for your administrator credentials for your local Mac computer in order to install the software. Enter the username and password for the local administrative account and click Install Software. If you do not have administrator credentials, contact Information Security.

  12. Once the Installer has successfully completed, a screen similar to the one below will be displayed.  You can click on Close to complete the installation.

  13. To launch the Fortinet VPN  application, Click on the shield icon located at the top right corner of the screen and select Open FortiClient Console.

  14. When the FortiClient console opens click on Compliance

  15. In the field for FortiGate IP type and click connect.  A window will appear prompting you to confirm the connection. Click Confirm.

  16. The console should now indicate that the computer is connected to EMS. To test your connection click on Remote Access. 

  17. Enter your NET ID and Password and click connect. If applicable you will be prompted for your FortiToken.

  18. The console should now indicate that your computer is connected to EMS.  To connect to the VPN, click on Remote Access on the left of the screen.  Select HCC_VPN as the VPN connection.

  19. Upon providing correct login information, the VPN connection should successfully be established and the following screen should appear.

  20. To disconnect the VPN connection, click on the shield icon in the top right corner of the screen and select Disconnect HCC_VPN.

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