Connecting to a Printer or Copier (Printer Deploy)


The College maintains copiers and printers throughout the organization.  Using the HawkPrint solution powered by PaperCut, users can print to any available device on the network.  The Print Deploy application is used to search for HawkPrint devices and install the drivers. 


Launching Print Deploy

The Print Deploy application is installed by default on college computers.  The application can be found in the System Tray on your computer if the application is installed.

Right-Click on the Print Deploy System Tray icon and click on View my printers.  Click on Refresh my printers now to get the most recent lists of printers on the network.

After clicking on View my printers, the Print Deploy application will be displayed.

The Print Deploy application will display the printers currently installed by Print Deploy.  Printers that can not be removed will have the delete icon greyed out.


Adding a printer or copier
NOTE: All Toshiba devices have an ID label affixed to the front.  The label has a unique ID for the device.  The ID is the letter F or P followed by a five-digit number (e.g., F01234).  You will need this ID number to search for or configure your computer to print.

With the Print Deploy application open, click Add printers on the widow's left.  The application will show the list of printers on the network that are available to you.  At the top right corner of the screen, you can use the search field to search for the computer by name.  Use the device ID from the label on the device to search.


Once you have found the printer or copier you want to send your print jobs to, click on the Install button.  The application will notify you once the device has been installed on your computer and be available for use.


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